Research Opportunities

Research Opportunities

Undergraduate students have many opportunities to become involved in conducting psychological research in our department. While you’ll get experience in research in a number of courses, PSYC 395 and PYSC 491 allow students to do research for course credit. Some students have course credit positions in a psychology lab. Marietta College also provides funding to support student research conducted under the guidance of members of our faculty. These include both academic-year and summer fellowships, both awarded on a competitive basis through the Investigative Studies Program. Students can also apply for funding to present their work at professional conferences. Eligible students may also complete a research thesis for credit through the Marietta College Honors Program.

Research for Course Credit

A great way to learn more about psychological research is to become actively involved through PSYC 395-Directed Research or through PSYC 491-Psychology Research. Participating in PSYC 395 or 491 lets you learn more about the methods used by psychologists and about the topics they study. This is especially valuable for students considering graduate study in psychology, and it can be an educational and enjoyable experience for others as well.

Undergraduate students working with Marietta College faculty members have been authors and co-authors of research papers and presented their work at professional psychology conferences, including the annual meetings of the Eastern Psychological Association and the Midwestern Psychological Association.

PSYCH 395 is designed to provide research training that is comparable to an upper-level research course. You may be working on a faculty member’s project, as part of a lab, or on something a bit more independent. In contrast, PSYCH 491 is designed to provide students with an opportunity to conduct a novel and empirical research project of their own choosing with a faculty mentor.

Research Labs

A great way to get involved in research as an undergraduate is to become part of a research lab. Below are our current active faculty research labs in the Department of Psychology:

Social-Cognition Lab: The Social-Cognition Lab (or So-Cog Lab) is a group of faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students interested in research in the domain of social-cognition. Questions about how our beliefs affect us, about unconscious cognition, and more are researched by groups within the lab, The Social-Cognition Lab is headed up by Dr. Mark Sibicky and Dr. Christopher Klein. Graduate students and undergraduate students interested in working in the Social-Cognition Lab should visit the So-Cog Lab Webpage.

Investigative Studies Grants

The mission of the Investigative Studies Program at Marietta College is to provide students with an opportunity to pursue their research and creative interests in a manner not found in a typical class setting, promote intellectual curiosity and stimulate creativity in students in an academic discipline or between disciplines, and foster a sense of learning, sharing and commitment with a community of scholars. The Investigative Studies Program provides students with research fellowships, travel fellowships, and supplies grants for undergraduate student research projects at Marietta College. To learn more, please visit the Investigative Studies Program Webpage.

Honors Research

Another way to be involved in research for credit is to pursue an Honors Research Thesis at Marietta College. Juniors and seniors specialize in their chosen field by working with faculty members on a senior thesis. This kind of independent learning enables students to progress through a research experience under the guidance of an expert in the field. The Honors Research Thesis is a way to distinguish yourself from other graduating seniors; it is a first step in work you will do either in your professional life or in graduate school. To learn more, please visit the Honors Program Webpage.

All Scholars Day

All Scholars Day is an annual on-campus conference for student research and creative work. The goals of All Scholars Day are to enhance the culture of undergraduate research and creative work at MC, celebrate undergraduate researchers and artists and the work they have done, and provide a venue for students to gain experience presenting research and discussing their creative work with their peers and faculty. Students completing any independent or group research or creative project, senior capstone students, students completing directed research projects, and students completing Investigative Studies and Honors Research Theses are welcome and encouraged to attend and present. Attendance at the conference is open to all members of campus.