Dr. Alicia Doerflinger

Associate Professor, Department Chair
Office: Mills 405

Degrees: Ph.D. in Psychobiology (Purdue University), 2005; Masters of Science in Psychobiology (Purdue University), 2003; Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (Niagara University), 1999

Year appointed: 2007

Dr. Doerflinger is a psychobiologist interested in the physiological and behavioral mechanisms underlying food intake. She is particularly interested in the development of feeding behaviors, and how children (and other little animals!) learn to seek out food, develop food preferences and eating habits that set the stage for body weight regulation throughout the lifespan.

Dr. Doerflinger has published research in The International Journal of Obesity, Hormones & Behavior, Developmental Psychobiology, Physiology & Behavior, and Appetite. Additionally, she has presented at a variety of international conferences (Society for Neuroscience, Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior, Society for Developmental Psychobiology). Dr. Doerflinger began teaching at Marietta College in 2007, instructing in the areas of Introductory Psychology, Physiological Psychology, Learning and Behavior, Human Sexuality, and Graduate courses in Learning and Behavioral Neuroscience.

Dr. Doerflinger’s research program investigates the effects of commonly used food additives such as artificial sweeteners, caloric sweeteners, and caffeine on food intake and body weight regulation in children and animal models (mice).